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death and life of education

Maher criticizes men whose moods depend ‘on how well a 20-year-old kid tackles a 19-year-old kid’

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By Samantha Kimmey
Saturday, January 26, 2013 0:12 EST



Maher ended his show on Friday night with his theories on defense spending and his belief in a problem in American men’s masculinity.

“New rule: America needs to show it’s the home of the brave by acting like it,” he began.

Maher, who noted that the U.S. defense budget is larger than the defense budgets of the next 13 countries combined, asked, “Let me ask you: if a guy on your block was so frightened of mostly nonexistent prowlers that he spent all his resources on alarm systems and guns and cameras, so much so that he didn’t even have enough money left to maintain his home or send his kids to college, would you call him brave?”

Maher said he wanted to know how we became “dickless armchair warriors.”

He then discussed the Manti T’eo controversy by wondering about the fact that he allegedly was in a relationship with a girl he’d never met — who turned out not to be real. “But doesn’t it say something about the state of our manhood that this primal warrior never even had sex, because his girlfriend only existed in fairyland?”

He also criticized men whose mood “is dependent on how well a 20-year-old kid tackles a 19-year-old kid.”

“The problem of our masculinity is apparently so acute that the pharmaceutical companies are now selling a pill to remedy a new affliction called low T, or low testosterone. The symptoms being moodiness, reduced sex drive, and extra hair growing around your vagina.”

He said he thought men had a problem when “you have to juice like Lance Armstrong to get through your anniversary.”

Maher thinks the problem is related to the fixation some have on sports, defense and guns.

Watch the video, via Mediaite, below.






Original author: Samantha Kimmey
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