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death and life of education

Scott Walker fulfills perverted fantasy of allowing Wisconsin government to officially perform proxy rape with unneeded transvaginal ultrasound procedure

Posted by on in Scott Walker
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Perhaps Scott Walker never got laid in college or has some psychological issues sexually where he feels the propensity to inflict sadistic procedures on women to fulfill some psychological sickness. Perhaps he’s a just a sadistic pervert who enjoys having Wisconsin women to have to go through unneeded, unwarranted medical procedures via transvaginal ultrasound to appease to his far-right-wing theocratic Teavangelical nutjobs that fatten his wallet. After all, he wants to run for President in 2016. So, of course, he has to be crazier than Rick Santorum. He has to be more extreme than Rick Perry. He has to be the “moderate” guy who actually fills in all the slots for religious exteemists who are ruining the Republican Party. Being a loyal Reagan Republican, he knows that Ronnie loved to embrace and appease the Far Right Wing Religious Theocrats because they have serious cash to buy elections or think Roe vs. Wade could be overturned to return to the “happy days” where back-alley abortions and coat hangers where the norm where women died from unsafe abortion complications.

So what has Walker done now in his ever-increasing love for theocratic governmental invasion in the lives of the people of Wisconsin?

Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Medical Services filed the lawsuit in federal court in Madison. They brought it against Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, Safety and Professional Services Secretary Dave Ross and the members of the state Medical Examining Board — all of whom have authority to enforce the law or issue sanctions.

It will be heard by U.S. District Judge William Conley. It was unclear whether he would take action before the law takes effect Monday.

Planned Parenthood has abortion clinics in Milwaukee, Madison and Appleton; Affiliated has one in Milwaukee. A fifth Wisconsin clinic that offers abortions, in Green Bay, plans to stop offering abortion services on Aug. 1 for reasons unrelated to the admitting privileges law, according to the suit.

Huyck said if the suit does not block the law, Planned Parenthood would have to close its Appleton abortion clinic and offer at least 50% fewer abortions at its Milwaukee facility. Affiliated would have to close its Milwaukee clinic, according to the suit.

That would mean abortions in Wisconsin would not be available north of Madison, and after the 19th week of pregnancy would not be available anywhere in the state, according to the suit.

The clinics are asking the court to immediately block the law, contending it violates the constitution’s due process guarantee, puts an undue burden on a woman’s right to choose abortion and unconstitutionally treats doctors who perform abortions differently than doctors who perform other procedures.


Since using the transvaginal sonogram procedure has been declared unneeded as part of the medical community when performing an abortion, using the sonogram tool as a form of insertion by the laws of Wisconsin though the perversions of Scott Walker, it is actually rape by proxy through the state of Wisconsin over the advice, counsel and professional privacy between a woman and her doctor.

First degree sexual assault is defined by Wisconsin law (WI Stat 940.225) as any of the following criminal acts:

Sexual contact or sexual intercourse with another person without consent of that person and causing great bodily harm or impregnation; or

Sexual contact or sexual intercourse with another person without consent by use or threat of use of a dangerous weapon or any article used or fashioned in a manner to lead the victim reasonably to believe it to be a dangerous weapon…


If a doctor demanded that a patient have to go through an unneeded medical procedure, would that not be considered medical malpractice? If a doctor demanded Scott Walker to have an anal probe insertion for treatment of a common cough, would Walker complain? Granted, he may enjoy unneeded anal medical procedures. He should clarify that he doesn’t like to have unneeded medical procedures performed on him.

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