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death and life of education

Walker sends out conspiracy theory lackey to stall FBI “John Doe” investigation that continues to boil

Posted by on in Scott Walker
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Paul Bucher

It’s been pretty obvious that the database holding signatures of those who signed the Walker recall petition are becoming more about McCarthyistic techniques to make it a black list proving that the signatory is not a sucker for Walker. What never gets mentioned is that if one didn’t sign the Walker recall petition that they are siding with Walker. Simply stated, if you didn’t sign the recall petition, you are a Walker supporter if you use the same “logic” as that being used by those whining about recalls signatures.

So the John Doe investigation is taking an interesting turn with Walker’s lackey Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen continuing to not want to do the job he was sworn into office by taking control of the investigation. He is on record saying he would not investigate Walker in the John Doe investigation before. Now conspiracy theory freak and former Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher is using the lame, fake argument that the case is being leaked and that some of the Milwaukee staff signed the Walker recall petition. Of course, he makes no mention that a majority of those in that pool didn’t sign, hence are Walker supporters. It’s a red herring to stall the case.

The state Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it will not get involved in the ongoing John Doe investigation of aides and staff to Gov. Scott Walker.

The announcement came an hour or so after Paul Bucher, a defense attorney, released a letter he had sent to the Justice Department requesting an investigation into the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office and its handling of the John Doe investigation.

“Our office receives many letters from many people and we do our best to respond to all of them,” Dana Brueck, a Justice Department spokeswoman, wrote in an email to the Journal Sentinel. “Among other things, our response to Mr. Bucher will inform him that we simply don’t have the legal authority to take John Doe investigations away from elected District Attorneys.”

Bucher’s letter, which you can read here, states that “this John Doe has consistently leaked like a sieve, and has blatantly abused the rights and reputations of individuals who have no way of defending themselves without violating the secrecy orders surrounding the investigation.”

Bucher said that, in order to protect the rights of the people involved in the investigation, “complete control of this investigation must be taken from the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.”

Shortly before the Justice Department rejected Bucher’s request, Bucher said he believed Van Hollen’s office had the statutory authority to take over the case.

There was no immediate comment from the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office.

Milwaukee County prosecutors have leaked no stories regarding the John Doe investigation to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which has broken every story on developments in the 23-month probe.

Last September, sources told the Journal Sentinel that Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen had been asked to assist in the investigation of Walker, his former and current aides. But Van Hollen’s office declined, sources told the Journal Sentinel.

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Bucher fails to mention that the prosecutors involved in the John Doe investigation did not sign the Walker recall petition. Maybe there are chem trails, black helicopters, space aliens and Bilderberg Group zombies wearing Trilateral Commission lead suits that Bucher wants to let us know about soon.

This website, Shred Of Truth, was created because the barrage of lies and misinformation we hear coming from conservative media outlets requires a fact based response. Too many soundbites and falsehoods are being passed off as "news", polluting our news cycle like high fructose corn syrup has polluted our food supply. A proud member of Facts NOT Fox Media, we stay rooted in facts, NOT misinformation.


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